GYC and environmental sustainability

The GYC is actively engaged in climate and ocean preservation. We believe that small individual changes make a huge impact to the environmental and preservation causes.
Considering that 70% of our planet are covered by water and that water governs our climate and the planet’s atmosphere, adding to the fact that 50% of the oxygen we breathe in the mountains, in cities or any kind of environment is produced by oceans - we are closer to the topic than we think.
Besides being in general plastic free we banned the use of plastic straws and stirrers for the drinks served at the bar to our members and guests replacing them by pasta straws and bamboo picks. Depending the type of plastic, in average, a plastic bottle may take 450 years to biodegrade. The GYC serves local water from the tap and for guest who wish bottled ones, uses glass only, as they allow to be reused.
Having environmental concerns in mind, we minimize printing at the office with the purpose of tree conservation and we also have reduced the usage of unnecessary printing cartridges.
Members that buy GYC items from our boutique, since the beginning of the club receive a classy and recyclable paper bag, to minimize plastic and encourage recycling habits. GYC understands that this is a subject of great concern to humankind and for that reason, over the time many interesting speakers got invited from diverse nationalities, covering a broad number of perspectives and creating awareness, consciousness and action to the challenge.
Further measures will be put in motion, to minimize the GYC environmental foot print and to put the club in the front line of reversing the effects of climate change.
The GYC believe that with respect, courage, trust and collaboration we are positively changing our waters and therefore our planet for the better.

Two mountains, one mission: View onto the threatened oceans

Gstaad may be far from the sea, but the impending dangers to the world's oceans are also present in the mountains today. In the Gstaad Yacht Club you are not only showing affection, but you get active. Together with the global environmental platform The Klosters Forum, some of the best minds were brought together to inform club members and guests about initiatives and to motivate them to take personal action.

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William Winram - The Watermen Project

"We are a small team of storytellers using conversations to bring awareness on the importance of healthy oceans"


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