Nacra 17 - Mati & Nati

The GYC Trio leaving for Rio

In Sunday’s Pre-Olympic Brunch at the GYC clubhouse – members, guests and friends gave a Brazilian farewell to the GYC Racing Team on their way to the Olympics. The trio for Rio welcomed Nathalie Brugger and Will Ryan – two out of the four GYC sport members who depart today, 10 days prior to the event for the final preparations.

The Gstaad Yacht Clubs sport members are: the Nacra 17 team with Matías Bühler and Nathalie Brugger who qualified for Switzerland, the 470 sailor Will Ryan, who starts with his helmsman Matthew Belcher for Australia and Billy Besson, who starts in the Nacra 17 class too, together with his crew Marie Riou for France.

GYC members representing Switzerland in the Olympics

GYC members Matías Bühler and Nathalie Brugger will represent Switzerland in the Olympics in Rio in August 2016.

June 2016

Nathalie and Matías gave a good-bye party for all their supporters and donators in Fribourg last Friday, 10th June and are now on their way to the final training in Rio before the Olympics start 5 August.

This video from French speaking TV shows Nathalie's thank you words and Rio Outlook.

May 2016

This video shows a little review of their way over the last four years.

Link to the video Link to the latest video from the Worldcup in Hyères

Great Podium for GYC Racing Team at Miami Worldcup

Miami, January 30th, 2016 – By winning a bronze medal at the well-attended Miami World Cup (47 crews from 26 nations), Matìas Bühler and Nathalie Brugger start the Olympic year on a promising performance. Two weeks after winning the Midwinter Regatta Miami (21 nations) this podium valid technical and handling progress on their Nacra 17, the fastest boat in Olympic sailing.

Nathalie commented after the Medal Race: "During these 16 races, we experienced an intense week of racing in complicated conditions and very irregular wind. In our tactics and strategy we had to keep our eyes open and be constant. This is what has enabled us to raise in the ranking ! We are happy with our technical progression and our new material in such varied conditions " Matias added: " Every hour spent on water in Barcelona under changing conditions is paying off today! With our new coach Mitch Booth we were able to test and validate good material. With less than 190 days to go for the Olympics I feel that we have gathered all the right ingredients to make it work "